H for Mayor — What H Stands For

H Spees for Mayor

H Spees came to Ppl Studio looking for video content to set him apart from all of the other candidates in the 2016 Mayoral race in Fresno. Here's what we came up with. 

H for Mayor — What H Stands For

H Spees really wanted to separate himself from a typical candidate and I wanted to show the strength and broad spectrum of ties in the community in a fun way. This clip became a huge victory for the mayoral campaign. 

Role: Producer / Director / Cinematographer

H Spees - Faith

H is a pastor and we felt that his campaign needed that one video that is completely message driven. This video was targeted specifically to the faith based community in Fresno. It ended up having further reach than we thought. The power here is in the voice.

Role: Director / Cinematographer 

Neighborhood Crime

Neighborhood crime was a big part of the Spees campaign and still is because he's just that kind of person. H lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Fresno because he chooses to be close to the community. He wanted to make an AD addressing the issue and there was this memorial on the same street as his home. So I figured the imagery was appropriate. 

Role: Director