"Turbulence" Steve Aoki Laidback Luke Feat. Lil Jon

Dim Mak Records

My relationship with Dim Mak started when Steve Aoki's management company (Deckstar) contracted me to direct a music video. We started with Turbulence and just kept going from there. I produced several projects for Aoki and other artist signed to his label. Here's the highlights.

"Turbulence" Steve Aoki Laidback Luke Feat. Lil Jon

This was my first project with Aoki and came to be one of my most notable videos. I was given a set of limitations from the start –must shoot on green screen and at live show. We shot Luke and Aoki in Los Angeles and then headed out to Brooklyn for Lil Jon's scenes. Limitations often push me conceptually further and I welcome these types of challenges.  

Role: Director / Editor

"No Beef" Steve Aoki & Afrojack feat. Alyssa Palmer

A hell of a fourth of July day in Vegas. We did anything and everything we could in 24 hours with the emphasis not on production quality, just raw freaking energy. The entire video was fueled by an energy drink we made up (Afroki) to help string along the video. 

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor

"Evilution" Datsik & Infected Mushroom feat. Jonathan Davis

Aoki called me on a Thursday and I had to shoot the video on a Saturday. It was definitely a high pressure situation. The song wasn't even mixed yet so I had to develop a concept while on listening to the instrumental. We had a blast and it was an honor to foster a relationship with Jonathan Davis. He's been a good friend ever since. I have to say though that this one is well... still strange haha.

Role: Director / Cinematographer 

Sriracha + Beer

This was just too fun to produce. Dim Mak asked me to make a promo video for Botnek's upcoming record. They gave me some live footage to work with and I told them I had a better idea. Who doesn't love googly eyes? 

On a side note the video was featured in the Sriracha documentary. 

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor

"Dim Mak Sundays" feat. RL Grime

I was asked to capture a live performance in a club. Seems like a typical videographer gig. Well naturally I tried to take it a little further. I did some research on RL Grime and really tried to visually represent the mood and energy he brings to a room when he performs.

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor