Fresno Grizzlies "The Big One-oh"


I started working with Floyd Sanchez (creative director) at Antilabs in 2007. Eventually, the both of us founded Ppl Studio. Here's a few of my favorite projects from back in the day.  

Fresno Grizzlies "The Big One-oh"

Fresno Grizzlies contracted us to make a 10 year anniversary commercial spot for the baseball team. We gave it our all and made what looks like a national AD for a local baseball team. 

Role: Director / Editor

CartHop- Moving Food Forward (Documentary)

There was a time when something really special happened in Fresno. The team called me back from Los Angeles to document it and share the story. 

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor

FUSE 2010 . Creative Fresno

This was just so simple and so clean. I strive to achieve those two goals on every project I attack. 

Role: Director

Ronald McDonald House

We worked with Ronald McDonald House Central Valley to tell the amazing story of The Whitaker family. It was truly an emotional experience. One of the best things about being a storyteller is that you meet and learn about people that you would never otherwise cross paths with. This was one of those times. 

Role: Director / Editor

Like a G7

This is basically a local parody commercial. It's a play on the record 'Booty Bounce' by DEV. It's fun, low budget, silly and I love it. 

Role: Director / Editor