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Kitchen 12000

The Kitchen 12000 team brought me on in a time where they were expanding rapidly. I'm honored that I was the first person they thought to bring on board to create video content. I love this team and they are still kicking ass!

Mussels & Chorizo

Chef Drew whipped it up and I had fun shooting it... and eating it. I really tried to capture the energy of Chef Drew and the dish alike –which in this case is hard-hitting, bold, and dynamic. 

Role: Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor  

Scottish Salmon + Squid Ink Couscous

Another Killer recipe this time with Chef Cameron. The energy of the and the dish alike is smooth, soft, and sexy. I tried lighting some candles in the background but we realized it was a bit overboard haha. 

Role: Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Welcome to Vertigo

The K12 team had just launched a Vertigo in Glendale, CA. Which is a massive project and huge achievement for my brother Michael Kay by the way. This video was produced to play inside the venue during the launch party. Simple, elegant and classic Michael Kay

Role: Director / Cinematographer / Editor